Friday, October 12, 2007

Thing #5: Write a 50-100 word Post (on your blog) About Your Article from Thing #2


Write a post on your brand new blog, describing the article you read as part of thing #2.


  • You can be longer than 100 words if you want, but try to reach 50 if you can.
  • Answering these three questions should get you to 50 words pretty quickly:
    • What was the title of the article?
    • Who was the author of the article and how did you find it?
    • What did you think of the article? Was the writing clear enough that you "got" what he/she was saying? Did you agree? Disagree?
  • This is not mandatory, but try and play around a little bit when you write your blog post.
    • See if you can figure out how to add images, movies, or hyperlinks to your post (remember copyright, though -- don't use someone else's stuff without their permission!).
    • You can change the colour of your text, provide bullet points, add italics and bold print and so on.
    • Chances are, the compose box is very much like Word or Wordperfect. Geeks call this a "WYSIWYG" editor. It makes doing web pages a lot easier.


sara in halifax said...

Good morning Ryan! This post mentioned copyright. Obviously, taking images from somebody's blog or site without permission could be a no-no. What about including hyperlinks to other blogs in your own blog? Is it wise to seek permission first? If they promote RSS feeds of their site would permission be implied?
Copyright and the Internet is an interesting issue. I'll have to investigate!

parleek said...

Hey Ryan. I finally created my blog. And actually, I created 2! I started out by using Wordpress and I found it really hard to navigate and lacking seemingly obvious features (search function anyone?). Anyway - I switched over to, copy and pasted my first post, and deleted the original blog. It seems to be working much better.

Ryan Deschamps said...

Hey Parleek,

Wordpress, I admit, is the harder to use of the two services. It actually has *more* features (yes, including a blog search), but you have to turn them on.

The big thing that I appreciate Wordpress for is their statistics package. Wordpress also has a project called that is a popular open source blogging package for people who have their own web server.

So far, people are choosing Blogger over Wordpress as far as I can tell. This makes alot of sense to me. It is easier, it uses the google account feature (which will come in handy later for a bunch of other things) and this blog uses Blogger. Wordpress is more complicated, but if you want to become a hard-core blogger, I think it is the better package (if only because you may want to move to a website that says "" later on in life.

Anonymous said...

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